My mom is bulemic!!

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My mom is bulemic!!

Post  jori on Tue Feb 19, 2008 4:53 am

dear oldersisters,

my 55 year old mother has a somewhat severe issue with her weight, and i believe she has a bad problem with bulimia. she is constantly telling me she needs to lose more weight, when she weighs a whopping 110 pounds! she eats small meals or sometimes hardly anything at all, and i have caught her sneaking to the bathroom after dinner more than once. no matter what i say to her to convince her that, no, she doesnt not need to lose any more weight, she is defiant and ignores my accusations. what can i do to help her? is there anything i can do to convince her otherwise?

thank you!


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Post  Ask Olde on Tue Feb 19, 2008 4:54 am

Hi Jori

Your observance and concern are commendable regarding your mother's health issues. Bulimia often goes undetected because it is such a secretive behavior. If your mother has bulimia, it is understandable that you've had difficulty discussing it with her. People suffering from bulimia are embarrassed by their behavior, they typically "binge and purge" in secret and are often successful in hiding their problem from others.

As with any illness, the person who is suffering must be willing to accept treatment. However, people with bulimia often do not believe that they are ill. They often resist getting help and subsequently staying in treatment. Family members or other trusted individuals can be extremely helpful in ensuring that the person with an eating disorder receives needed care and rehabilitation. It will take a lot of care and support to assist an unwilling person to take that critical first step. You may need take it slow but steady as you continue to show your mother your support and gain her confidence.

The following web site offers helpful information for getting help for those suffering with bulimia. Remember that your help will be better received if you avoid accusations and focus on factual information regarding the illness itself. Once she is willing to accept professional help, she will be in a position to begin changing her mindset and develop some healthier habits.

Hopefully some of the information will help guide you and your mother toward treatment.

Your Older Sister

Ask Olde

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